Eldon's Automotive Repair is a full service automotive repair facility. We offer services for all gas and diesel vehicles, from classics, to the newest cars and trucks off the show room floor, and everything in between. We offer diagnostics and repair, performance services, oil changes, and an array of specialized services that target key areas on your vehicle. We keep up with the newest technologies to be able to service anything.  And because of this, we provide many services that other shops simply can't do.  We provide old school service, with new school tech.

What to Expect

We care about you and your vehicle, that's why every time your vehicle is in our shop, we do a comprehensive full vehicle inspection to help identify problems.  We even help you prioritize any issues, whether it needs addressed now, if it can wait, or if you just need to keep an eye on it.  You can view an example of our digital inspection here.


Diesel Particulate FIlter Regeneration Machine - By BG Products

DPF Regeneration

Eldons Automotive Repair is the only shop in the area that has the technology and knowledge to completely clean your DPF and return it to factory specs.  With this service, you'll minimize your downtime and save fuel by decreasing the frequency of DPF regenerations needed...

BG Transmission Fluid Exchange

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions are particularly sensitive to the condition of fluid in them, as well as one of the most costly repairs when they fail.  At Eldon's, we want to make sure you don't have to endure a transmission replacement, by stressing the importance of preventative maintenance on your automatic transmission...

Air Induction Service

While gas and diesel vehicles can be different, they can both benefit from our Air Induction Service.  This includes cleaning the fuel injection system, and the air intake components...


From routine maintenance - to major repairs - to over-the-top customization. We offer the products you need to get your ride the way you want!

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